Wednesday, 7 April 2010

CES off the hook?

John Smeaton writes:

"In a significant victory for the pro-life and pro-family movement, the Government have agreed to delete their clauses on Personal, Social Health and Economic education (PSHE) contained in their Children, Schools and Families Bill." 

Yes, the despicable attempt to force government dictated sex education on children, has fallen victim to political expediency, in the dying days of the current administration.

Was this what our Bishops were quietly hoping and praying for, during their period of silence on the matter?
Did the Catholic Education Service foresee this result, as it welcomed the compulsory sex education proposals, even to the point of helping to draft them?
Can we be truly content that (for now), compulsory, explicit, anti-life sex education is off the political agenda?

I think it'll be back, sooner or later.
God help us, if the likes of Ed Balls gets a hand on power again.

 And what now, for the discredited Catholic Education Service?

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