Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bloggers Beatitudes!

Blessed are the blog makers, for they shall be linked to the Celestial Blogroll
Blessed are those who cut'n'paste, for what is cut on earth shall be pasted in heaven
Blessed are those whose links work, their work will be linked to eternal joy
Blessed are those who comment, often and on-topic; the heavenly debating rooms will be theirs
Blessed are those who visit, their number will be counted in heaven
Blessed are the bloggers who persevere, their stats. will be multiplied
Blessed are the followers of blogs, for what is followed on earth will be accountable at heaven's gate
Blessed are those who link to good blogs, for by their links you shall know them
Blessed are the hat tippers, for they themselves will be acknowleged
Blessed are those who yearn for a visit from the Vatican, be happy and contented, for the Holy Father
is coming (to the UK) soon!

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