Monday, 9 May 2011

Admissions criteria in Catholic Schools: Round II?

Damian Thompson has an interesting piece concerning the admissions (oversubscription) criteria of a leading Catholic school -The London Oratory School.
It seems that the London Oratory School  revised its oversubscription criteria.

So,where the Oratory School previously had followed the advice of the Diocese of Westminster's Education bosses,(see what  Cardinal Vaughan  School's parents thought of  this advice, here and here), it seems it will now be asking prospective parents about their committment to  parish life, over and above Sunday Mass attendance. The idea, I think, would be that parents and families who are demonstrably committed to the Catholic faith, might be prioritised ahead of those who are, well, er, not.

The London Oratory School, unlike Cardinal Vaughan School, is not run by the Diocese of Westminster Education Department, which presumably  puts it in a stronger position  to make its own mind up,  when it comes to decisions about whom to admit.
At least, I hope so.

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