Monday, 28 March 2011

Go Sisters!

I've just found the blog  iBenedictines, and it looks very good.

 From iBenedictines 'about' page:

"The World seen from the Cloister . . .
This is a blog written by Benedictine nuns from Holy Trinity Monastery, East Hendred, UK. We prefer to call ourselves cloistered rather than enclosed because the word “enclosed” may suggest a closed mind. We have a special interest in using contemporary technology to reach out to people who would never otherwise come to the monastery.
Our community web site is at (desktop and large-screen devices) and at (small-screen mobile devices). Our Online Retreat Service will be found at"

Thanks to the Anchoress


  1. Thank you for the link. We've just found you!



    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other Ongoing Daily Hardships and Sorrows...
    April 15,2011.

    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Please if Possible?

    Can you include my wife and I in the daily prayers of the Community in the days ahead..Lent,Holy Week, May...2011,2012...or as long as possible?? If so? Please pray with us daily for God's Healing,Protecting Peace and Hope in our broken hearts,health and shattered lives made harder by financial misery! Please feel free to pass or e-mail our prayer intention on to other Communities (Women&Men)of Prayer that you know of in the World? We will keep you in our daily prayers! Thank you for your kindness and daily prayers in our long nightmare of pain and sorrow! Bill and Carol. Husband and Wife in Hope of God's Mercy! Oh. usa