Thursday, 4 November 2010

Plymouth Diocese launches Vocation Survey

A vocations survey has been launched in the Plymouth Diocese with a questionnaire about how we promote vocations in our communities. Members of the laity are invited to participate in this survey.
Bishop Christopher writes: "Vocation is basic to understanding the Christian life, rooted in the gift of God's grace in baptism. There is no one living their Christian life, who has not received a personal calling from God to do some service for the Lord's Kingdom. This thought was very dear to our newly beatified John Henry Newman.
"This survey has a narrower but very important focus - the calling to priestly ministry, or diaconate ministry, or consecrated life. The community of the Church needs these more particular vocations in order to maintain its true character. It needs, above all, the ministry of the priest so that the whole community can become more and more the Body of Christ built up through the Eucharist, a community of faith, hope and love.

More information and link to survey here


  1. When I first looked at this post I did a double take; I have coffee most mornings in Plymouth --- Michigan, USA. The house I rent for my mom, where I take care of her, is there also.

    Our parish of 800 families has a bounty of religious vocations, over 30 studying to be priests and nuns. If there is a will to increase vocations, there IS a way!

  2. Do Not Be Anxious: Wow! 30 vocations to the priesthood and religious life from a single parish...that's really wonderful!
    Have you any thoughts you'd be prepared to share
    about how your parish has encouraged and nurtured these vocations?