Thursday, 7 October 2010

40 Days for Life

                                           London: 40 Days for Life

 I hadn't ever thought about praying the Rosary (out loud) in the middle of a London street, but yesterday I spent some time outside the Marie Stopes abortion facility in London, doing just that. For about five hours, it was my privilege to join others in the 40 Days for Life initiative, in constant prayer for an end to abortion, specifically at this Marie Stopes abortion facility.It was particularly humbling to see a prayer volunteer, an elderly woman, join us for over an hour of prayer, on her knees.
 Those five hours (which slipped past very quickly) were a time of great peace and grace: there was a  recognition of the need to surrender to God the evil that man does so that He can heal us of it; a sense of abortion as one of the enemy's most vicious tools in a spiritual battle.  There was also a sense of our need to pray, especially to Our Lady  to plead for her intercession for the lives of the unborn as indeed, for their mothers.
I hope to join the vigil again,  soon, God willing.

40 Days for Life began in the States, about three years ago I believe, and I found the picture at the top of this post  on their website's blog, together with the following information about how it's been going in London.

“We had the first member of staff tell us she has quit her job there,” said one of the 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers outside the Marie Stopes abortion facility in London. “We should continue praying and being there for the rest.”
In addition, at least three more babies have been saved from abortion!
The London campaign is receiving a lot of support — though not every passerby has a favorable view.
“I am used to abuse in the hospital,” said one volunteer, who is a nurse. “But the anger I heard out of the businesswomen was difficult to take. ‘Stop abusing women!’ I heard repeatedly. They seemed completely unaware that I am a woman, too!”
The London team has received inquiries about the campaign from interested people in Russia, Ghana and Colombia. I’ve also gotten e-mail from people in France and Spain, asking about to bringing 40 Days for Life to those countries.
Let’s see what God has in store!"


  1. That's wonderful kate!
    I've also posted some photos of our vigils.
    I usually go with the children, and even when I leave the others at home I always have the baby in the sling, so i couldn't manage much more than an hour at a time, but I agree, time flies when you're praying there!
    I've never done anything like this before, but I certainly will again. I find it incredibly moving to pray outside the clinic with people I've never met, and it just feels as though the power of prayer is so tangible there.

  2. Peace and Life are supreme values. Do we want Peace? Then let us defend Life!

  3. I was just wondering. How many catholic priests were there? I did this same thing quite a few times. Standing outside the Brooke advisory clinic in Belfast some years ago and not a priest in sight. I am sure there are priests who put on their walking boots and get involved but nearly not enough. And Bishops, how many?????
    It’s all well and good for the church to condemn abortion from behind a desk or from the pulpit but we need a bit more of a show from then. I remember saying the rosary with 10 or 12 others one of which was a protestant minster and although he did not join in he gracefully bowed his head and stayed the course. The Catholic Church hierarchy should hang their heads in shame. The only time you see them is at big gathering or marches when the TV cameras are there.


  4. Gurneygob:
    Re priests and Bishops attendance at 40 Days- on the day, during the time I was there, no clerics were present.
    Of course, it is possible that some may have attended on any or all of the other days so far;in any event, their pro-life witness is something that we should be storming heaven for.
    I believe the Bishop of Brentwood has prayed with a pro-life group, outside an abortion clinic, but I don't know if any other UK Bishops have done so. The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (some of whom would be priests) have supported 40 Days, and continue to do so.